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A great seed mix that benefits pollinators that will do well in full sun to part shade (6 hours or more of sun is preferrable, but some species will succeed with as little as 4 hours of sun). This mix includes flowers that are native to the New England and mid-Atlantic regions. Seeds are non-GMO and neonicotinoid-free. The packet includes enough seeds to cover 30 square feet. 


Included in this mix:

Eastern Red Columbine, Swamp Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, New England Aster, Partridge Pea, Lance-Leaf Coreopsis, Spotted Joe Pye Weed, Inian Blanket, Ox-Eye Sunflower, Blazing Star, Wild Lupine, Wild Bergamot, Evening Primrose, Beard Tongue, Black-eyed Susan, Sweet Black Eyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan, Rigid Goldenrod

Native Northeast Wildflower Seed Mix

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