Support your local pollinators

Thank you for your interest in Buzz Heroes! our shop is currently closed for the Summer months but will reopen in the Fall. Check out the rest of our site for more information about pollinators, our products, and to contact us. Please stay safe, support your local pollinators, and check back with us soon!





Empowering you to help save pollinators

Pollinators are in trouble and they need our help. Their populations are in rapid decline due to a variety of challenges, which are mostly manmade. Many of the world's flowering plants rely on pollinators, including most agricultural crops. In fact, much of the food that we eat is the result of the hard work of pollinators. Luckily, it's not hard to help our pollinator friends. The most powerful support we can offer comes in the form of nourishment and sanctuary. Buzz Heroes offers products that anyone, with even minimal outdoor space, can use to help provide food, water, and shelter for their local pollinators. 

Buzz Heroes uses profits to support other organizations that are also trying to reverse the tragic population decline of pollinators.

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